Japanese Biwa pearl torsade 20 strand necklace with gold and Ruby clasp. nlbd1281

Japanese Biwa pearl torsade 20 strand necklace w gold and Ruby clasp

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This is a WOW!!!! necklace. A little history...Japanese Lake Biwa pearls were once plentiful, until Lake Biwa became horribly polluted. Now Biwa pearls are rare. Still produced in very limited quantities from a now revived lake, the value of these genuine Lake Biwa pearls continues to skyrocket. This outstanding necklace has a plethora of 20 inch strands of super baroque, rice like, pearls with thick layers of lustrous nacre. These incredible pearls deserved a special clasp...14k yellow and white gold clasp encrusted rubies and diamonds. The special clasp can be slid apart, to form two identical necklaces, which can be twisted together or perhaps worn by mother and daughter to a special event.

These pearls have a lovely rainbow luster which we've been unable to capture in our photos.
Pearl size 4x9mm
123 gram
circa 1960s-1970s

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