Huge spectacular natural mottled green jadeite jade 32mm drilled bead. pdja749

Huge natural mottled green jadeite jade 32mm drilled bead


Item #: j-ja-pd749
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SIZE DOES MATTER – One spectacular mottled natural green jadeite jade drilled bead…since the cutting of beads from a single piece of jade rough result in a highest percentage of loss, this extremely large 32.00 mm single bead is a rare find. One can only speculate, was this the LARGEST bead in a strand of matching beads, certainly not the SMALLEST? Regardless, this huge bead is not commonly encountered, even among collectors. Perhaps a centerpiece nestled in a strand of fine round cream rose pearls, or a solo sphere in a unisex pendant. The colors of mottled greens from strong to pale, mimic the pure color not modified by gray or yellow. The even luster is evident all around and the carat weight of 149 carats is heavy in the hand. It is most likely that a match for this gem jade bead will not be encountered by the expert collection department of Earthly Adornments. $850.00 US Circa: mid-20th century Source: Burma Fashioned in China.

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