Silver vintage Egyptian revival watch fob with turquoise blue enamel. fbad103

Silver vintage Egyptian revival watch fob with turquoise blue enamel


Item #: j-ad-fb103
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This very detailed silver and enamel watch fob is made of plaques of sterling silver filigree decorated with sphinx, winged serpents and the head and shoulders of a pharaoh wearing the vulture crown. The detail in the metal work is very nice; you can clearly see the features of the pharaohs profile as well as the details of his braided wig and ornate necklace. Dots of turquoise blue enamel have been added to the metal plaques and are in excellent shape with the exception of one enamel dot which has been lost. The lowest plaque on the fob has a crescent moon on one side and a star on the other side. The spring on the clasp is tight and in excellent working order. Overall the fob is in excellent condition with the exception of the missing enamel dot and bending to one of the links used to suspend the pendant plaque at the bottom. Not marked but tests for 800 - 925 silver. 15.5x2.6cm

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