rgfn181(e)-Estate man's natural star sapphire 14k yellow gold ring.size 10.5

rgfn181(e)-Estate man's natural star sapphire 14k yellow gold ring.siz


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Sapphires are incredible gemstones. Available in a wealth of attractive colors and a variety of attributes they have been in demand since the dawn of civilization. Sapphires are a variety of the species Corundum. Corundum is one of the hardest substances that form naturally on earth. Star Sapphire is an ordinary Sapphire with a twist. Corundum can sometimes have minute rutile inclusions. These occlusions are usually angled at 120 degrees from one another when they are formed in hexagonal (the crystal form of Corundum) symmetry. Some Sapphires are sufficiently dense with these rutile fibers and can be cut in a domed cabochon cut to exhibit a star. These white lines actually intersect every 60 degrees forming an asterism or six-rayed star. The word Sapphire comes from the Latin saphirus meaning blue. Sapphires and Star Sapphires were prized possessions of kings and queens. They were used for talisman and for their perceived medicinal qualities. Many find the look and effect that the Star Sapphire exhibits to be intriguing. And this 14K yellow gold gents ring projects a truly wonderful look! The center, high-domed oval cabochon cut gray-blue Star Sapphire is gypsy-set and is flanked by two round brilliant cut diamonds on either side. The star is visible in bright light and all six legs of the star are complete. The design of the ring is a traditional gents design, not overpowering in the least Size 10.5. Band is .5 inches wide at the top and 1/8 inch at the bottom. Easy to size.…FATHER’S DAY ON THE HORIZON Size 10.5 Circa: 20th century Source Ceylon Natural Blue Sapphire: NO HEAT TREATMENT

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