Estate Bucherer enameled 17 Jewel Swiss made "eyeball" pendant watch. 8k rolled gold Amerik curb chain. pdvn807

Bucherer enamel17 Jewel Swiss orb pendant watch. Rolled gold chain


Item #: j-vn-pd807
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Bucherer" 17 Jewel Swiss made "Eyeball" Pendant Watch.  Keeps accurate time and is in superb condition. The orb is a rich green enamel with delicate hand-painted flowers and is suspended from a 22 inch 8k rolled gold Amerika curb chain This 23mm diameter orb watch works with a swivel function design. While it is hanging down, the orb remains closed and when you pick it up, it will rotate around so that you can see the time. This collectible Bucherer watch is a beautiful accessory to any wardrobe and is functional as well.

This is a mechanical wind watch. I have tested it over a week's time and it has kept perfect time. Just remember to wind it!

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