Edwardian diamond and gold-filled tie clip. pned471ghe

Edwardian diamond and gold-filled tie clip. pned471ghe


Item #: j-ed-pn471gh
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A lot of detail and care went into the making of this little clip. It could have been worn as easily by a woman as a man; in the Edwardian era it was was very fashionable for ladies to wear a neck tie with their shirt-waist blouses. One side of the pin has a fancy gothic capital letter "B" engraved on it and the other has the most lovely image of an Edwardian beauty with upswept hair wearing and olive wreath and a choker set off with a diamond chip. Because of the olive wreath, it is possible this was given as a prize at a ladies sporting event such as a tennis match; small pieces of jewelry were popular as prizes during this period. The clip works very well and is ready to wear.

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