Collector's speciman rhodochrosite cabochon with calcite

Collector's speciman rhodochrosite cabochon with calcite

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Viva La Rosa del Inca- the national gemstone of Argentina. This collectors specimen of rhodochrosite measures 40x30mm, and exhibits two double calcite explosions that virtually captivate and mesmerize the beholder. In addition to Argentina, it is found in Uruguay, Russia, South Africa and the US. In Argentina, the Rhodochrosite formed stalagmites in the 13th century Inca silver mines. They formed from precipitating water dripping from the manganese rich rocks inside the ancient mine tunnels and kept growing over the centuries into large stalagmites. The projections are beautifully banded and are often sliced into slabs for collectors. This piece is totally unique in its display of vibrant sunbursts.

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