Chinese Qing dynasty hollow silver 3-legged toad pendant with money symbol and coral bead. pdvs622

Antique Chinese Qing Dynastysilver gourd bottle ornament pdvs621


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Qing dynasty hollow silver amulet: 3 legged-toad atop a money disk. Front and back of ornament depict the front and back of the toad. Attached to pendant is a cord with wood bead and pang knot. The components of this pendant would have been parts of larger ritual or ceremonial pieces during the dynasty period. Measures 3.5" in length from top of knot to bottom of coral bead. A rare hard to find piece from a dealer's estate purchased in China in the 1970's.

Since a toad can live for thirty or forty years, the 3-legged toad represents longevity and also wealth.

This is an antique piece from the dynasty that fell in 1911. In the 1970s to the mid 1980s, Chinese workers added beads, cords and chains to these Qing Dynasty artifacts. For the most part the beads and knots attached to this amulet were added during this period. This piece came from the estate of a dealer who acquired many of these artifacts. They have become increasingly rare and today, some reproductions of much poorer quality are being produced.

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