B16-109-Art Deco era beaded ornamental sash

B16-109-Art Deco era beaded ornamental sash


Item #: B16-109
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Gorgeous set of 3 beaded elements. Looks like they may have been used a sash. Each element is comprised of 1 large and 2 smaller diamonds with a central domed faceted glass nail head and surrounded in a Deco geometric design with violets pinks and purples. The diamonds are connected with strands of purple beads. The diamonds are composed of beads sewn onto a heavy fabric with the stitching exposed on the back. Each 3-diamond element is 9 by 2-1/2 inches in length. The entire length of the sash is 29 x 2.5 inches. The diamonds are in excellent condition and very well intact. There are a few strands missing between the diamonds that would be easy to replace. This delicate piece dates from the 20’s to 30s, is extraordinarily beautiful and somewhat fragile.

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