Vintage natural Australian opal polished chips strand. 15" strand. b4-opa006

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Are you old enough to remember 'Mercurochrome'? When you held the bottle up to the light you could see these ethereal floating colors emanating from the orange liquid. That's exactly how the Australian opal polished chip strands radiate when exposed to bright light, gorgeous greens, blues and honey droplets all seem to billow out to the eye of the beholder. These are very old stock not fashioned in many decades, due to the weight loss in cutting chip beads and die to the nature of opal to craze. 15 inch strand. available to be fashioned into a totally dreamy item of jewelry. Mix with pearls or simply wear solo. They are gently graduated from 5 to 15 mm. and are a soft pastel light amber translucent body color.

These beads are absolutely natural and not color treated in any way.
A collectors item to treasure.  Just have one strand.