Art Deco 1920s Periwinkle Blue Glass bead necklace,28 inches, Czechoslovakia. nlbg2151

Art Deco 1920s Periwinkle Blue Glass Prosser bead necklace, Czechoslovakia.


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An Art Deco 1920s Bohemian glass hand made graduated and knotted bead necklace.  A beautiful Periwinkle blue hue.  The bead shapes are ever so slightly irregular which attests to their hand made origin.  Bead size ranges from 15mm to 5mm.  There are a few small scratches in a several of the beads.  This necklace has been restrung due to the weak condition of the original thread.  Each bead is individually knotted.  Otherwise original condition.  28 inches.

An added note:  These beads are Prosser beads, a type of bead making technique invented in 1840 in England and then manufactured by Jean-Felix Bapterosse in France. The process consists of molding a cold paste under great pressure and then firing it. The finished product looks like porcelain and is often referred to as such. The Prosser technique was adopted in Gablonz, Bohemia in Czechoslovakia in the early 20th century.  The process is used in the production of opaque glass beads.  Prosser beads often have a faint equator line around the bead which is evident in these beads. 

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