nlvc526-Antique Victorian tortoise shell operculum necklace

nlvc526-Antique Victorian tortoise shell operculum necklace


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This is an unusual and rare collectible Victorian tortoise operculum necklace. Each of the seven thin tortoise links holds a shell that is called operculum. Operculum jewelry was prized in Victorian times, it was said to bring good luck and ward off evil. Commonly called "Cat's Eye", the shells are from the "trap door" part of the Pacific Turban Snail, Each operculum shell is set in prongs cut from the tortoise shell. These operculum are naturally colored with rich green, cream gold and brown. The tortoise shell settings consist of 6 1 inch square shapes with petals and the center link is a heart. 1-1/4 inch across. The links hang from sterling silver chain. Total length of the necklace is just under 18 inches. A lovely and rare piece. In good wearable condition.

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