Antique Tibetan large carved Lapis melon bead with sterling silver repoussé caps. 37x30mm B4-lap294

Antique Tibetan carved Lapis melon bead sterling silver repoussé caps.


Item #: B4-lap294
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Antique Tibetan large carved Lapis melon bead with repousse sterling silver caps This is an old weathered stone bead set more recently in sterling silver caps by artisans in Nepal. Deep blue stone with areas of calcite matrix. 37x30mm. 44 grams.

This bead was acquired from a collector who purchased it in Nepal in the 1970s.

The Tibetans sometimes applied gold or silver caps to the ends of valuable ancient stone beads such as etched carnelians, dZi and banded agates to conceal damage or reinforce fragile beads. This style has been copied in some vintage and contemporary silver-capped beads from Nepal.

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