Antique Tibetan carved bone ornament with vintage turquoise, coral, yak bone and silver bead necklace. nliv873

Antique Tibetan carved ritural ornament turquoise, coral, silver bone


Item #: j-iv-nl873
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Necklace of old yak and ox bone beads, silver, natural Mediterranean coral and turquoise beads with rare antique Tibetan carved bone ornament of crowned Buddha.   27 inches in length.  Plaque pendant is 2 x 1.75 inches. Sterling silver hook clasp. 101 grams.

The antique Tibetan carved bone plaque ornament used as a pendant in this necklace depicts a Crowned Buddha and is  likely 19th or 18th century.  These ornaments were incorporated into dance bone aprons used in tantric rituals and religious dance performances.

The yak bone beads  are old prayer beads from Tibet or Nepal.  The two large red coral beads are Old north African Mediterranean natural coral beads.  There are 4 very old carved bone Chinese and Japanese Ojime  beads.  The large 14mm turquoise beads are untreated and fine quality.   A very unique one-of-a-kind necklace.


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