Antique Sherpa coral disk beads.average 19-21mm diameter. Sold individually. b11-rd-0825

Antique Sherpa coral disk beads.average 19-21mm diameter. Sold individ


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Old Sherpa glass coral beads. Sherpa coral has been used for centuries in jewelry as a substitute for real coral by the Sherpa people who inhabit the region around the Himalayan mountain range. Average size is 19x18mm. . Popular beads in Nepal and Tibet where real coral is much more expensive, these are old trade beads and many have pits and dark crevices which adds to their character. They can be cleaned up or used as is. Sold individually. Bead(s) picked at random unless otherwise instructed by their purchaser. These wonderful glass beads imitate coral and are at least 100 years old. These old glass beads are named after the tribal people of Himalayas who are called Sherpa. Sherpas mostly live in the foot hills of the Himalayas near Mt. Everest. Traditionally, these coral looking glass beads were worn by Sherpa women as replacement of genuine coral long time ago. They are actually traded glass beads from China , India and even Europe. These beads are very popular among Sherpa women and even other ethnic groups of people who live close to the Himalayas.

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