Antique Japanese cloisonne buckle pendant British Columbia green nephrite and carved Mysore ruby bead necklace nlja899

Antique Japanese cloisonne pendant green nephrite ruby bead necklace


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An antique Japanese cloisonne buckle (c. late 19th c) provides a pendant for a hand knotted fine old stock British Columbia dark green nephrite jade 5mm bead and spectacular hand-carved Mysore ruby bead necklace.  Sterling silver vermeil box clasp.  These Japanese cloisonne buckles date from mid to late 1890. This is a half buckle that was modified to be a pendant.  The jade and ruby beads were collected in the 1970s and are fine vintage stock.  The necklace is 23.5 inches in length.  Pendant is 53x38mm.  A spectacular one of a kind necklace.

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