Antique genuine Cherry Amber round beaded necklace. 13mm beads. 25.5 inches. Gold filled clasp. nlbd1276

Antique genuine Cherry Amber round beaded necklace. 25.5in. GF clasp

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Antique genuine Baltic Cherry Amber round beaded necklace.  A super strand of rare antique hand carved 13mm beads restrung and individually knotted on silk thread with a gold filled clasp.  These beads are spectacular and display a slight gradient of color, typical of genuine amber.  There are a few hard to spot nicks and mild crazing on a few beads.  Each bead is slightly irregular in shape typical of antique hand cut beads.    The beads date to the 20th century.  25.5 inches.

These beads are guaranteed genuine cherry  amber.  They passed the saltwater specific gravity test and show some crazing typical of old amber beads.

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