Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Silver Dragon Boat amulet necklace with silver and coral beads. nlor816cs

Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Silver Dragon Boat amulet necklace with s


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Antique Ching Dynasty (1644-1911 ) silver amulet necklace. A very rare two sided silver Dragon Boat amulet from which hangs 4 carnelian and jade charms. Above the dragon boat is a silver piece from which hangs two sheep amulets. Two rats with serrated backbones and long tails hang from the silver chain following the coral and silver beads. Finally a silver chain that slips over the head. Dragon Boat amulet measures 2.5 x 1.75 inches. Pendant length is 5 inches. Length of rat with tail amulets is 2.5 inches. Circumference of necklace is 27 inches. The chain tests for sterling silver. amulets vary from 800+ silver to sterling. Weight 88.6 grams The Dragon Boat became a symbol for a legendary poet named Qu Yuan who drowned himself in 295BC after having been falsely accused by one of the petty princes of the state and as a protest against the the corrupt condition of the government. After his death people would sacrifice to the spirit of the poet by throwing rice balls from a Dragon Boat. This is the story behind the Dragon Boat races that have been held for over 1000 years. The rat amulet is very interesting. They were favored by merchants who could easily cut string of packages with the serrated backbone. This piece came from a dealer's important collection of Asian art and jewelry. We are very pleased to be able to offer this fabulous piece.

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