Antique Qing dynasty Chinese puffy silver lock necklace with Dragonfish at Longmen gate. nlor817

Antique Qing dynasty Chinese puffy silver lock necklace with Dragonfis


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Antique Qing dynasty puffy lock pendant made of good quality coin silver. The repousse work on both sides of the pendant depict a dragonfish at the Longmen gate on the Yellow River. This lock is an amulet for a child, conducive to success as a scholar. According to Margaret Duda "When the sturgeon of the Yellow River fight through the rapids and pass through the Longmen Gate, they become dragonfish. Because of its struggle and eventual success, the dragonfish symbolizes success on the civil service examination." This is a ready to wear amulet necklace for your favorite college student! The lock is 2.1 x 1.7 x .8 inches. Tests for approximately 85% silver Chain is 24 inches in length and tests of sterling 92.5% silver. It attaches at the lock with two S hooks. Weight is 60.4 grams. This piece is from a dealer's estate. It was originally acquired in Hong Kong in the 1970's.

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