Antique Chinese nephrite jade carved openwork carved plaque pendant with coral, carnelian and jade beads with sterling silver chain. nlja905

Antique nephrite jade pendant with coral, carnelian and jade necklace


Item #: j-ja-nl905
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Antique Chinese nephrite jade open work carved plaque with butterfly and fish motif; with vintage natural Mediterranean salmon coral beads, old carved carnelian Chinese face beads and green jadeite beads.  The carving was likely a garment or hat button or sew on ornament from 19th century China.   Vintage sterling silver chain. Newly assembled from antique and vintage components from a collector's estate.  The beads and carvings were purchased in Hong Kong in the 1970s.  19 inches in length.  Nephrite jade pendant is 2-3/4 x 1-7/8 inches.

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