Antique Chinese green jade buttons, 1 pair. b4-jad484

Antique Chinese green jade buttons, 1 pair. b4-jad484


Item #: b4-jad484
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A pair of antique Chinese green jadeite carved buttons. These buttons are carved in the same design but each is slightly different in in color and size. They are rectangles that vary in size form 12x17mm to 15x21mm. They are flat wafers with a thickness of 1.6mm. We've matched each pair as closely as possible. These carvings are beautiful, lightweight and have piercings in just the right place to be used in special one of a kind earrings. They are beautiful with coral and pearls. These little carvings were made for use as buttons and garment and hat applique in China during the Qing Dynasty so we estimate their age to be c. 1900 or earlier. See photos for variation in shape and colors

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