buja102-Antique carved celadon Nephrite jade Peony double belt buckle

buja102-Antique carved celadon Nephrite jade Peony double belt buckle

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An ovoid double belt buckle carved in translucent pale green celadon Nephrite with a waxy luster. The decorative motifs on this buckle relate to the PEONY, known as the “King of Flowers” throughout China. The buckle is joined by a hook carved with the head of a dragon. Jade has always held a mysterious aspects –since the early Zhao Dynasty – especially for a gentleman. The fine texture, beauty, softness and warmth of jade were compared to the virtues of a male. Jade ornaments were indispensable to a gentleman’s dress and manners: he wore jade ornaments, had jade buckles, and ate with jade utensils. Even after his death, jade accompanied him – it was placed in his mouth and around his body as it lay in the coffin. Each side of the double buckle is carved with a single peony, and is joined in the center with a hook carved with a dragon’s head. The peony is considered the national (undeclared) flower of China. It signifies richness, opulence, beauty, honor and high social status. Undoubtedly the property of a Gentleman, this buckle further symbolizes spring, and is also used as a metaphor for female beauty and reproduction. Carved in three tiers of full bloom, the peony expresses peace. Since it is also believed to be the ideal 12th wedding anniversary gift, we can only speculate that is was perhaps a gift to a beloved. The Dragon hook further lends the masculine power element to the piece. The round buttons on the back of carving would fits into appropriate holes in the fabric of the belt. The piercing and carving exhibit significant artists skill. The overall dimensions of the two pieces are 4 ½ inches by 2.00 inches, and 1.00 inch at its highest measurement. The condition is excellent and shows no apparent wear. The nephrite exhibits no fractures or inclusions and no type of treatment is present. Country of Origin: China Carved in China as well Circa: Late 18th Century

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