Antique Art Deco faceted Cognac color Baltic amber bead necklace. 21.5 inches. nlbd1269

Art Deco faceted Cognac color Baltic amber graduated bead necklace.


Item #: j-bd-nl1269
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Genuine vintage graduated strand of faceted Baltic Amber oval beads in a gorgeous cognac color. These beads are hand faceted and date to the 1920s.  Beads measure from 7mm to 27mm. Necklace length is 21.5 inches and closes with a gold filled hook clasp.  31.5 grams.  This necklace has been restrung as the original threads did not appear secure and the clasp is new.  Otherwise this is the original necklace.
These beads are very old and a few have some crazing at the holes at the ends,  which is common in old amber beads.

This is genuine amber. It has been tested in saltwater. Genuine amber has a specific gravity lighter than saltwater and will rise to the top and float. Amberoid substances will sink.

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