Angelskin coral necklace featuring a carved Chinese Pipa lute in a 14k yellow gold clasp setting in a knotted necklace matching 14mm angelskin coral fluted beads. 28 inches. nlja840sk

Angelskin coral necklace with a carved lute and 14mm scalloped beads


Item #: j-ja-nl840sk
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  • This stunning vintage Angelskin Coral necklace features a beautifully carved Chinese lute, known as a Pipa, set in a 14k yellow gold push in clasp setting with safety hook and knotted with 14mm Angelskin Coral scalloped beads. The delicate colors of the beads exactly match the colors of the Pipa.  Pipa is 2.4 x1 inches. 28 inches in length.  Circa 1970s. This is a one of a kind necklace and is all more significant considering the worldwide decline of coral formation. Stunning against a black background it presents total lyrical loveliness.

These superb and rare beads have been examined to our GIA certified gemologist and certified to be completely natural and untreated.

The historical development of the Pipa been a progressive process from its very beginning with few major fusions.  The earliest Chinese written texts about the Pipa dated back to at least the second century BC.  It was introduced into China through the Silk Road and was presented to the emperor in the early Tang Dynasty who fell in love with it immediately.

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