AAA Quality, Freshwater Keshi pearls,cornflake shaped, black peacock 11-13mm, 8 inch strand. From the 1970’s. b15-prl148

AAA Freshwater Keshi pearls,cornflake shaped,black peacock 11-13mm


Item #: b15-prl148
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Hard to find, these flat, thin cornflake or petal shaped keshi pearls have amazing luster and a surface that ripples with light and color. They are AAA quality, with lovely thick nacre and a body color ranging from silver to black to chocolate brown with incredible orient. Orient is a name for the iridescent colors that can be seen in the nacre. In these pearls, the iridescent colors are deep aubergine, teal, pink, pistachio, and gold luster. These pearls vary a bit in size, with most falling in between 11 mm to 13mm. They are in 8 inch strands, center drilled.

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