19th century bi-valve mother of pearl shell snuff bottle suspended from Eagle watch pin. pdvc453

19th century bi-valve mother of pearl shell snuff bottle


Item #: j-vc-pd453
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An antique Victorian era snuff bottle in good condition. This authentic period piece has a mother of pearl shell body and the decorative collar and stopper are brass. The The mother of pearl shell has a lovely rainbow iridescence. The stopper is kept with a small link chain, the cork is broken off at the edge of the stopper. The metal has a little plating wear adding to the antique character, I have not tried to clean it to preserve the aged patina. Overall it's well preserved and the only flaws I could find is the cork issue. I would think the cork could be replaced with a newly carved to fit cork inserted into the stopper. The snuff bottle is suspended from an American eagle with shield pin. During the Civil War and up through the Spanish American War, it was a popular practice to make jewelry by transforming insignia into some wearable decorative object. I suspect this bottle was attached to the Eagle pin (probably was a watch pin) by its owner. Aside from the missing cork, the snuff bottle is in excellent condition. Bottle is 2-3/8 x 1 inch. Total length hanging is 4-1/2 inches. .

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