USPS International Shipping Delay Alert

With the coronavirus COVID-19 emergency continuing to spread around the globe, mail and small parcel operations are impacted worldwide.

Between a shortage of commercial passenger airlines to carry the mail and local authorities and transit/destination postal services shutting down or restricting services, sending international packages with the U.S. Postal Service is resulting in longer transit times on most shipments.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, all US Postal Service international shipments are sent to a local hub in Hayward, California, to await air transport to the destination. This is causing significant delays in delivery time. The USPS tracking report is erroneously showing package delivered when it arrives at the Hayward hub. Please disregard the tracking delivery message. Your package will continue on to its final destination.

FedEx international may  provide faster delivery. Please contact us to arrange alternate shipping with FedEx.

This situation is temporary and shipment delivery times are expected to return to normal when the pandemic subsides. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

And keep beading!

Caryn, Kayla, Alison, & Peggy

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