Antique Chinese coin silver Canton painted enamel hair ornament. ac-h-0133

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Antique Chinese coin silver Canton painted enamel hair ornament.  The enamel is painted on domed repousse silver with a downwards facing bat that looks upon flowers and fruit. 2" in diameter with a 1 1/4" prong.   These are beautiful hair ornaments and be also used as a hat ornament, or can be converted to  a brooch or pendant.  Weight is 12 grams.

The hairpin or Zan had ritual importance in China.  When a boy turned 20 or a girl turned 15, their parents would hold them a Coming of Age Ceremony, in which they would change their hairstyle and hair ornaments. This had been one of the grandest rites in one’s lifetime, which represented a turning point of becoming an adult who is ready to take certain responsibilities.

we have 3 of these ornaments.  They are very similar but being hand made, each is unique.  We are selling them individually.