Freshwater keishi thin concave petal pearls. All natural. Extraordinary luster. 12-18mm. 1980s. 10 pcs. b15-prl127

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These Chinese freshwater pearls can best be described as an artisanal experiment.  The colors and extreme luster harken to “pistachio” shells or flower petals.  They date from the 1980’s and one would be hard pressed to find duplicates.  They  measure  12 to 16 mm top to bottom  and being top side-drilled, the design possibilities are endless.  The color is natural and they are not enhanced in any manner.  Current production of Chinese freshwater pearls are generally not found with such high luster.

These pearls are often described as Keishi pearls.

The color variations almost seem to dance across the surface and would be fabulous as dangling earrings or as a necklace with intricate gold wire configuration.  These pearls are extraordinary.

The tags on these pearl strands list them at $1,000 per strand.  We are discounting them and selling them in small lots to make them affordable.  We have a few full strands.  contact us if you are interested in a larger quantity.