Freshwater pearls, coin shaped, "A" Quality loose silver-peachy champagne, 8.5x3.5mm. B15-prl146

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"A" Quality, freshwater pearls, loose, coin shaped, silver to peachy champagne colored, 8-8.5mm x 3.5-4.5mm, Package of 10. Vintage, from the 1990’s.

These pearls have an attractive luster and a slightly rippled surface. They are "A" quality, with lovely nacre and a body color ranging from light silvery color to almost peach. They have some iridescent colors that can been seen in the depths of the nacre. These pearls vary a bit in size, with most falling in between (around) 8-8.5mm in diameter. They are sold unstrung in packages of 10 pearls.

These pearls were produced in the early heyday of Chinese pearl production 20-40 year ago. At that time rigorous standards required good pearl nacre thickness and good luster.