AA quality freshwater pearls, loose, ovals light apricot. 5.25x4mm. Pkg 70. 1990s. b15-prl137

AA freshwater pearls, loose apricot ovals. 5.25x4mm. Pkg 70. 1990s.

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These pearls have lovely luster and with few surface markings. They are very nice quality oval shaped apricot freshwater pearls that vary slightly in size. These pearls average 5.25mm x 4mm with a pleasing plump shape. They are unstrung and are sold in a package of approximately 70 pearls weighing 8 grams. Approximately 14.5 inches.

These pearls were produced in the early heyday of Chinese pearl production 20-40 year ago. At that time rigorous standards required good pearl nacre thickness and good luster.


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