A quality freshwater pearls, 5-6mmx3.5-4.5mm ovals. Vintage 1990s. b15-prl132

A quality freshwater pearls, 5-6mm x 3.5-4.5mm ovals. Vintage 1990s.

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These pearls are little beauties which have pretty luster and with few surface markings. They are very nice quality oval shaped white freshwater pearls that range slightly in size. These pearls are approximately 4.5-6mm x 3.5 - 4.5mm in size with a cute fat shape. Each strand has an approximate weight of 9.7 grams and there are approximately 83 pearls on a 15.5 - 16 in long strand.

These pearls were produced in the early heyday of Chinese pearl production 20-40 year ago.  At that time rigorous standards required good pearl nacre thickness and good luster.

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