Vintage Chinese nephrite jade carved pendant with coral tassel, Devil's work rings, Jadeite and coral beads necklace. nlja912

Nephrite jade pendant necklace Devil's work rings, jade coral beads

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Show stopping vintage Chinese Nephrite jade, Jadeite jade and coral necklace. This tantalizing antique Nephrite jade pendant carving of a an ornate vessel stoppered with coral and finished with a coral bead tassel hangs from a necklace of coral, jade beads and devils work nephrite jade links. Each bead is individually knotted. Called Devils Work, these links are carved from a single piece of translucent Nephrite jade stone. Perhaps the wearer of this necklace will find health and good fortune. Pendant with tassel is 3 5/8 inches in length and 2 5/16 inches wide. Necklace is 26 inches long, with a sterling silver gold vermeil clasp.

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