Vintage rare fine quality Sugalite carved Quan Yin 3 dimentional figural pendant. pdgm125

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Rare and precious, this Sugilite carving of the goddess Quan Yin  symbolizes compassion and mercy. Carved from Sugilite in Asia, where this violet purple semi-precious gemstone is highly regarded. This stone shows no treatment of any kind. Sugilite is scarce, most likely this piece comes from the N’Chwaning Mine. Unlike imitation Sugilite, small flecks of brown matrix material, veins, and slight variations in the stone are easily recognized. Beware of Sugilite imposters, like dyed marble, dyed nephrite, or even glass. The intricately carved figure in her kimono, plays a traditional instrument, the Pipa, while surrounded by swirling clouds. Your goddess stands approximately 1 3/4 inches tall, 1 inch wide and about a third of an inch thick. She can easily be suspended and worn as a talisman. This piece is of Chinese Master Carver caliber and perfectly conveys the spirit of Quan Yin, the embodiment of compassion, mercy and kindness. Both front and reverse are different but in keeping with the theme. The design wraps entirely around the carving.

Sugilite Is a rare purple mineral that was first discovered in 1944. This material was not suitable for ornamentation and it was not until 1979 when it was re-discovered in the Southern Kalahari Desert of South Africa. In 1980 Sugilite was classified as a rare gem, which, according to supply and demand economics, resulted in a price increase. And into the next century, today prices are commensurate with the extreme rarity.

Sugilite gets its attractive purple color from traces of Manganese. It can range inn color from pinkish purple to deep bluish-purple. The most highly valued Sugilite gemstones are a uniform intense purple. A great deal of Sugilite has patches, veins or layers. This carving is the rarer intense purple variety and priced accordingly.

Circa: 1970's
8.6 grams, 42.95 carats