Vintage rare fine quality Sugalite carved Quan Yin 3 dimentional figural pendant. pdgm125

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This Sugilite carving of Quan Yin symbolizes compassion and mercy, crafted from a violet purple semi-precious gemstone found in Asia known for its scarcity and high quality. Genuine Sugilite pieces will have brown matrix material, veins, and slight variations, while imitations such as dyed marble, nephrite, and glass are often sold. This intricate Quan Yin, 1 3/4" tall, 1" wide, and 1/3" thick, is likely from the N’Chwaning Mine and is of "Chinese Master Carver" caliber. Quan Yin is playing a traditional Pipa and surrounded by swirling clouds. Wear it as a talisman or suspend it as a reminder of her spirit.

Discovered in 1944, Sugilite is a rare purple mineral. After being classified as a gem in 1980, its price increased due to supply and demand economics. The pigment's attractive purple color is sourced from Manganese and can range from pinkish to deep bluish-purple. The most valuable Sugilite stones are a solid and intense purple; however, a majority of the mineral contains patches, veins, or layers. This particular carving is the rare and more desired intense purple variety, and is thusly priced accordingly.

Circa: 1970's
8.6 grams, 42.95 carats