Necklace of vintage Japanese Lake Biwa pearls, oxblood coral beads and sculptural red Mediterranean coral branch pendant. nlja914

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Presented here is a necklace totally composed of genuine Japanese Biwa Pearls from a collector's estate The strand measures 20 inches in length and is hand-knotted on silk. It is finished with a sterling silver gold wash vermeil box clasp. The soft colors are totally natural and are individually baroque in shape. These pearls have a thick layer of nacre resulting in a fine orient which is a orient is a shimmer of iridescent rainbow colors on or just below a pearl's surface, There are 4 small dark red oxblood coral beads in the strand.

The pendant is a naturally formed Mediterranean deep red coral branch that is a sculptural beauty. Pendant is 1 1/2 x 1 5/8 inches.

About Biwa Pearls:
In early Twentieth Century near the cultural center of Kyoto Japan lies the ancient Lake Biwa where in 1914 pearl farmers began cultivating fresh water pearls. So successful were their efforts,that the gnarly mussel Hyriopsis schiegelii, brought forth the “Biwa Pearl” which became synonymous with the finest Japanese Freshwater Pearl. Alas, these beauties became extinct in the 1980’s and at present, the majority of cultured freshwater are from China.