Vintage Japanese cloisonné pendant with Peking glass on grosgrain ribbon. nlor802

Vintage Japanese cloisonné pendant with Peking glass

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An early 20th century cloisonné pendant on black grosgrain ribbon with green Peking glass beads. The pendant has a very dark green enamel background with spots of inlaid aventurine or goldstone. Depicted is a very stylized dragon. This is a very old pendant and the cloisonne work is very fine. The style and goldstone inlay suggest this pendant is Japanese.This necklace came from a collector's estate and dates from the 1920s or earlier. the pendant is 2.25 x 1.5 inches. The circumference of the pendant with the ribbon is 22.25 inches and slips over the head. The bezeled setting is silver plated metal back with a yellow brass bezel. The surface of the pendant has some scratches and a few areas of slight enamel loss. A beautiful unique piece.

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