pnvc998(e)-Antique Victorian Cherub pin in silver metal and gold wash.

Victorian Cherub pin in silver metal and gold wash 3.75 x 7/8 inch.
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This extraordinary pin has a huge amount of hand worked detail and all the frills and flounces that characterize the most whimsical side of Victorian Jewelry. Crafted from white metal and gold wash, the most striking details are two fully 3-dimensional busts of two smiling cherubs set one above the other in this long arrow-like pin. The largest cherub is sits in a decorated alcove reminiscent of a rococo church detail. The second smaller bust is set flush with the body of the pin. Each bust is secured with flat unrivited bands of metal that can be seen on the back of the pin. The body of the pin has been painstakingly hand detailed with a jewelers saw to create a wealth of open trelliswork spaces. Along the edges of the trelliswork gold wash has been applied and then detailed with hand engraved dots, curves and flourishes. The back of the pin has a stout and sturdy old-fashioned safety clasp that words smoothly and has a sharp pointed straight pin. An exceptional pin to add to your Victorian Jewelry collection.



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